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Help Us, Help Others, Help Yourself!

Updated: Jul 9

Hi 4Helpers, summer is here and we’re ready to go to work!

Better still, we’re inviting YOU to come join us!

But what about our vacations and beach time you ask?

Think of this as a supplement. After all, there are tons of benefits to volunteering your own time, not least of which are improved mood and mindset. Summer blues? Volunteering combats depression and counteracts stress, anger, and anxiety!

In that vein, we’ve got a fantastic opportunity to help you help others here at 4Help! … what do you do again?

As you know, is a national database that connects those in need with 10s of thousands of hotlines, helplines, text chats, and web chat services providing emotional and informational support and guidance. All hotlines have equal visibility, providing users access to a broader range of options than they might otherwise find from a search engine. Additional benefits for those using our service include automatic phone number masking, and hotline statistics to assist in their decision making about which number to call for the greatest help!

That’s amazing! How can I get involved?

We’re launching the first ever National Hotline Volunteer Month (NHVM) in October 2020, and are looking for volunteers to help spread the word! The goal of this event is four-fold:

  1. Thanking the thousands of hotline volunteers for their tremendous work, done 24/7/365

  2. Continuing our efforts to destigmatize hotlines, helplines, and the reasons why people reach out to them

  3. Branding #4Help so more people will use our free and safe resource

  4. Drawing the attention of hotline volunteers to, an organization created to support volunteers and share best practices across hotlines

Anyone can be a messenger, as this grassroots campaign is for any and everyone! Our nonprofit has chosen not to ask you for personal contributions. Instead, we ask you to help us by simply passing along our message to your friends and family. We depend on you and others to inform as many people as possible about NHVM and #4Help.

Millions of people call hotlines annually so even the smallest action on your part can have an exponential impact!

CONTACT US to learn more about how to get started!

Thank you in advance for your generosity and your kind spirits. People like you make a huge difference in the world everyday by giving of your time to others.

Ready 4Help?

We’re here for you! Just dial #4Help (#44357) from a cell phone, visit, or dial (855-443-5767) from any phone.

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