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Stomp Out Tobacco

September 2020

StompOut Tobacco


Our mission is to end the commercial growing, manufacturing, and sale of all tobacco products. We believe that if enough people take on our challenge, the world's politicians will finally realize that their partnership with big tobacco is no longer acceptable, thus bringing about the end of the ugly partnership. 

We need you to help us StompOut Tobacco use and manufacturing.


To achieve our goals, we will offer a series of challenges. We will invite people from every country, over the age of 18, and subject to their country's rules regarding the same, to take part in our challenges. 

Our challenges will include a "Participation Award," and, if there are winners of any competitions, a "Winners' Award."

We believe our challenges will create powerful and concentrated expressions of the will of the people that can bring about substantial changes in how the tobacco industry operates.

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