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Post ICU

June 2018

We have made a significant commitment to informing the public about Post Intensive Care Syndrome ("PICS") through our After the ICU and PostICU projects. We have taken on a mission to educate people around the world about symptoms to be wary of after an ICU hospital stay and serious health concerns associated with PICS. We provide information about available resources and an online library of research, articles, and up-to-date news about PICS. We stand as the only patient-built advocacy and information 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation, providing information and advocacy for former ICU patients, their caregivers, and families related to Post Intensive Care Syndrome.

As we move through uncharted waters, as former ICU patients rather than medical professionals, we will rely upon the growing knowledge base and underlying support from the medical community for proactive medical care of former and future ICU patients.

PostICU's membership is free and available to all interested in or affected by PICS. Our website provides a source of news and information to people suffering from PICS and PICS-F. PostICU's mission is to grow our membership ranks to become better positioned to advocate for former and future ICU patients effectively.

Because more than one-half of the over six million patients that stay in ICUs annually will suffer from PICS, we hope to get a seat at the table with critical care professionals, hospital decision-makers, and the health insurance industry, so that we can represent PICS and PICS-F sufferers by making recommendations about ways to incorporate PICS education and treatment at hospitals with OCUs and to advocate for systematic follow-up care for the known and likely symptoms which ICU patients suffer from after they are discharged.

The more members that join PostICU, the better our chances of having our voices heard and our recommendations considered by the critical care medical community and health insurance companies.

So please join PostICU today.

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