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StompOut Tobacco Website Goes Live! Take the First StompOut Tobacco Challenge, Sign Our Petition.

what.NGO is taking on Big Tobacco and the politicians with whom they do business.

Visit to sign the first international, online petition on behalf of people from all countries sick and tired of the tobacco industry making money by selling products that kill. Tobacco kills its users, people nearby, children, and even injures babies before they are born. None of us can escape the damage tobacco causes. Chances are that many of our friends and family will get lung cancer caused by tobacco products.

Why aren't tobacco products illegal? Because governments and politicians have partnered with big tobacco.

In fact, the United States government makes more than tobacco manufacturers on the sale of a pack of cigarettes.

Tobacco money is used to pay politicians' salaries, and even politicians' pensions. Doesn't that cozy relationship between politicians and big tobacco scream a conflict of interest?

Let's make our unified voices heard, sign our petition. Everyone who signs will receive a reward, ButtOut cryptocurrencies. The only truly philanthropic cryptocurrencies in the world. All ButtOut crypto has been setup to by issued to people who take challenges at StompOut Tobacco's website. Take a challenge - win $BUTT crypto.

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